What Inspires You?

Inspiration, where do you find it?

…the babble of little girls’ voices at the mall…
…the smell of bread baking…
…a soft moist breeze on your face…
…the dance of a butterfly on a row of flowers…
…the streak of bold white clouds across a blue sky…
…an old movie that makes you smile…
…a touch on the arm by a loved one…

What speaks to you? I find that the only time inspiration speaks to me is when I am focused outside myself, instead of looking in. I can scour my brain for days, looking inside myself, trying to discover ideas, only to come up dry. But, if I just look outside myself, take a walk, notice others, open my eyes and mind to the amazing things around me, ideas flow out of my brain faster than my fingers can type.

So, let me give you some photos that make me smile and want to sing/blog about this beautiful world!

autumn leavesgull in flightorange butterflycinnamon rollssun through treeskids with drumschristmas lights in napleshellssentenalorchid


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