Fasten Your Seatbelts

bird in the wind
There are just so many things happening during the holiday season that sometimes you just have to lean into the wind and hold on tight…

…family stuff (cards/food/gifts/so much stuff I can hardly begin to list it all…don’t forget, you should probably wrap up a small generic ‘pressie’ since, inevitably, someone you don’t expect will probably give you a gift at the most inopportune time)…

…work stuff (how many deadlines do you have to meet before the end of the year? does your workplace do a ‘Secret Santa’? does everyone exchange cards (do you know how to spell everybody’s name?…how about their partner’s name?) is there a party, and if so, how much ‘good cheer’ is too much?)…

…relationship stuff (whose family gets a visit this year, and do you need to visit on the actual holiday or can you sneak in on some other day and have it ‘count’?)…

…I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it. Here’s one thing you can probably count on (go ahead, Bette, tell ‘em…)

Of course,  the season will be gone before ya’ know it, and we’ll look back and say either, “Woo, I’m exhausted and need a holiday to recover from my holiday” or “What happened, it went by so quickly?”…or maybe you’ll be saying both…

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6 thoughts on “Fasten Your Seatbelts

  1. You should totally have my Christmas I’m having this year, and normally I would definitely have your list of things to do and more. My work didn’t have secret Santa but I always got gifts for my girls in the spa that I worked with and last year we had the giving tree where you could help out families in need. This year with no work, family miles away, and basically no Christ,as going on, everything is done and it feels a little strange without the stress. Good luck with all of your stuff on your list and I hope you have very merry holidays!

  2. the video came through but only about an 8 second clip. Was that what you intended? Never saw this Bette Davis movie. And how right you are about this season. But all the more reason to try and soak it all in.

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