Hard Candy Christmas

hard candy

In 1978, a unique musical opened on Broadway. The plot seemed simple – a beloved, iconic, local business was being forced to close. The twist was that the business was a brothel and ‘well loved’ by the local sheriff, the football team, and even the politicians. It’s a cute show – the Broadway version was later turned into a movie with Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds and actually won a couple of awards –ya’ might want to rent it sometime…but I’m not here to recommend old movies.  I actually want to talk about one of the songs in the musical.  It’s called “Hard Candy Christmas” and was written by Carol Hall.  Take a listen:

Bad things happen (even to Dolly). That’s just the way the world is designed – it’s not all apple pie and candy canes. Sometimes sorrow tries to grab us and drag us down; particularly over the holidays.

Depression during the holidays is tough — I don’t want to make ‘light’ of something that is so very dark when you’re in the middle of it. For some people, holidays are almost impossible. If you feel that you are in a very bad place in your life, and you are struggling to just get out of bed in the morning, please don’t think that you have to suffer through the dark time by yourself.  Getting help is not a bad thing. Talk to someone, see your doctor, use a ‘help line’ (I will list a few at the end of this blog). It may be hard to see, but the world is actually an amazingly beautiful place.

…even if bad things happen (and they make you close your brothel!?), the world will keep spinning. Like Dolly says, don’t ‘let sorrow bring [you] down.’ Get on with living….

Hard candy might be hard to swallow, but there is sweetness there, if you can find it…

…thank you Dolly…

A few places to find help with depression:

US phone numbers (correct as of Sept 2009):
US Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-2433
NDMDA Depression Hotline: Support Group 800-826-3632
Suicide Prevention Services Crisis Hotline: 800-784-2433
Suicide Prevention Services Depression Hotline: 630-482-9696

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6 thoughts on “Hard Candy Christmas

  1. Fabulous post! Not only is this a good read, you have provided some much needed guidance during the holiday season. I am saddened by how many people suffer through the memories brought on by holidays as special as this. Blessings to you – and thanks!

  2. How wonderful to not only recognize the holidays can be a tough time for people, but also to provide encouraging words and resources for assistance. Thanks, LynnAnne. Well done.

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