Gone Fishing (but not for fish)

fishing poles

Yo! You bloggers out there — do you go ‘fishing’? I don’t mean with a rod and reel; I’m talking about trolling WordPress (or Blogspot, or whatever…) for kindred spirits? Ya’ know — checking out other people’s’ blogs, looking for similarities (or not), ‘liking’ them or commenting on them, with the hope that that blogger will then check out your blog. Who knows, they may even decided to ‘like’ your blog right back — maybe even follow it! If you’re lucky, you may even ‘catch a big one’ where they ‘just LOVE what they see’ and will reblog you or recommend you for an award! Woo-hoo!

Well, I’m here to say, feel free to fish in my blog anytime you feel the urge. I LOVE seeing ‘fishers’ come to visit.  If fact, some of my best friends are ‘fishers’!

….did I really just say that?!?….


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