Listen to the Wind

plam trees wind

Can you hear the wind rustling, a murmur almost unnoticed in the background?  Have you heard its howling tempest, like the roar of a freight train?

Its voice calls to mind warm summer days on the beach, winter storms filled with dancing snowflakes, autumn leaves tumbling to the ground, children tugging on kite strings. Lest we forget, it can also destroy communities, flatten crops, obliterate homes.

There is such potential strength hidden in its soft caresses.

It can gently wake you in the night… eerily send a chill up your spine… gloriously lift your spirits…cause you to sob in freight…playfully lighten your mood…

 If you sit quietly in the sun, you can feel it touch your skin, lifting away the concerns of the day.

For me, it is impossible to feel the breeze on my skin and not feel a part of the larger cosmos. That lovely breeze touches me, momentarily slowing its travel to places in the world I can hardly image. Maybe, as it touches me, it absorbs the smallest piece of my essence and carries it along on its journey.

… part of me is lifted, joining with the continuous flow that is the breath of the world…


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