Pollen, Ripples and Waves

How big is your voice? I’m not talking about ‘the volume’ of your voice. I’m talking about ‘the reach’ of your voice. Do people hear you when you speak…even better, do they listen? Not many people can claim that their ‘voice carries’.

Consider Bill O’Reilly, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Bill Clinton…they all have voices that reach many people. What they say is carried in the media like pollen in the wind; it goes everywhere…no matter what their intent was when speaking, tons of people are recording it, discussing it, analyzing it.

…but that’s not the way it works for most of us. Most of us have very small voices. Often our voice is only as big as one vote (and that’s only during the election season).

If you have something to say, how do you get your voice to be heard, when you know that your voice is a very small voice? How do you project it enough so that people pause to hear it?

You need to find a way to make a ripple in people’s consciousness. You need to throw your thought out there, like a pebble in the water…say it in such a way that it resonates in their souls (psyches?) and requires them to think about, mention it, discuss it, and pass it on. You need to make it ripple out into the world, gently moving others to move/think/wonder. Your ripple needs to grow into a wave that gains momentum — rolling through the minds of people until it becomes self-sustaining… it becomes real.

….my blog is my ripple…you’re reading my pebble….can you hear me?


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