Do you ever watch the squirrels in the trees? They’re nuts (oops, no pun intended). They run around and around – chasing each other from tree to tree.  They do mad jumps into the air, and you would swear that they are jumping into nothing.  Somehow, they always manage to grab hold of a branch or leaf, and scurry away to do whatever it is that squirrels do when they’re not chasing each other from tree to tree.

I think it might be nice to be more like those squirrels. Nobody could accuse those squirrels of lacking in confidence. They make those wide leaps without any hesitation or second thoughts – they just launch themselves, knowing that they will be able to catch hold of something (anything) before they hit the ground (think about – have you ever seen them miss, and tumble to the ground?).

Wouldn’t life be grand if we could just launch into some new adventure without worrying about the consequences? …and know in our hearts that we’ll not only survive the leap, but will enjoy the flight?

…I want to be a squirrel….


2 thoughts on “Squirrels

  1. Now that’s an interesting thought…you wanting to be a squirrel. I must admit, I have never really thought about the carefree life of a squirrel. How did you come up with this blog entry???

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