Setting the Scene

colors of nature

The scene begins with a gentle baby blue
Offset by streaks of crimson and violet

Abruptly, apricot sweeps across our view
Madly twirling through gold trimmed ribbons of tangerine

Ragged black interrupts those sweet jewel-tones of heaven
And draws our attention to the water

Where spackled rims of icy silver
Vie with sprinkles of sea-salt

From sapphire to ruby and back again
…Mother Nature truly knows how to paint a scene…



It’s spinning and bending
Cavorting around
My world is all wonkie
The platform’s unsound
What I knew as a given
For sure and for certain
Is not even close
Now my brain is a’hurtin’

How did it get so messed up!
Ya’ think ya’ have it all figured out, then ‘Murphy’ puts his two cents in and ‘voila’!…instant mess!

Right!…back to the drawing board…

Ode to Varnish


The smell is the thing
That catches your ‘eye’
It lives up your nose
Refusing to die
It’s tacky and gooey
And sticks in strange places
Even occasionally
On unknowing faces

If the wind’s from the south
Or the clouds start to cry
Persnickety varnish
Refuses to dry
Too hot or too cold
It matters so much
 My just-painted varnish
Stays tacky to touch

But the thing about varnish
That most comes to mind
When I think of the hours
And hours of time
Is the odd satisfaction
From that off-hand remark
That passers-by sometimes make
When we’re about to embark

“Ooooh, who does your brightwork?”
…I smile knowingly…

me working looking up1

(my thanks to my sister for suggesting varnish deserved at poem…and my apologies to those of you who follow both my blogs, since this entry will be appearing in both places)