Like a blanket it settles
Seeping through the stress
Smothering movement, confounding ambition

Searching for a crack, a rift to invade, distract
Tweaking ears and nose with its sharp reminder
Hide or pay the price

Soft breeze…
Lifts the smallest wisps of hair
Kissing moist skin with playful familiarity
Teasing the remnants of endeavor with its cool breath

…fickle weather…

So Pleased


I am such a fortunate woman.  My watercolor painting has been featured in a lovely blog that is “dedicated to artists and the people, places, and things that spark their creativity”. I started my painting to help clarify/illuminate all the thoughts that were spinning out of my fingers and into my blogs.  How cool is it that someone thought that they are good enough to be featured in an ‘artists’ blog’…I am such a fortunate woman!

So, if you’re interested in what Mr Timothy Pike had to say, here’s the blog entry…

…thank you Timothy…

The Egotistical Thread


Threads are snapping
The weave’s unraveling!

That one small thread sees itself as the center
The fulcrum
Unaware that each tangle it creates
Throws the tapestry off kilter

…and Moira can untangle only so much
Before the weave begins to unravelweave2

We may see ourselves as the spinners of fate
But we are simply a single thread in the tapestry of the moment



Yesterday’s choice
Is a distraction…a ‘red herring’
That tries to pull my consciousness
Away from today…away from now

Into rabbit-holes and switchbacks
Full of remorse and self-doubt
Taking me farther away
From where I want to be tomorrow

Yes, there are lessons to learn from yesterday
Yes, it helped shape me into who I am…put me where I am

In reality, yesterday’s choice is irrelevant
For it is gone — you can’t go back
It cannot be remade
Dwelling, ruminating, reviewing, finger-pointing
What a waste of time!

One Step

Cockatoo Island

If you know you ‘should’, wish you ‘did’, but can’t quite ‘do’
If thought of tomorrow doesn’t make you smile
If lost is the only direction you understand

Then pause…take a deep breath

Take one small step in the direction of YOUR choice
The destination is not as important as the movement itself

For like a stone tossed into the water
That one step has the potential to create a ripple
That can expand

And lead you to places unimagined

Tenn-Tom in the morning

Short Sighted

fox family

Once I was a plaything for kings and lords

Then I dined on hare and badger
But not today
Today the feast is bilbies and numbats

For mankind never imagined
When they ferried me across the seas

That I could quietly nestle
Sweetly positioned
To multiply, proliferate

Burrowing into the shallow soil
To find such easy prey
And destroy an ecosystem

So short-sighted…

Foxes were introduced into the Australian ecosystem in the 1800s — the idea was that the new Australian aristocracy wanted to ‘enjoy’ the British tradition of fox-hunting. They also introduced rabbits into the country — after all, those foxes would need something to eat, wouldn’t they?!?. Unfortunately, the foxes discovered that the Australian native critters were much more appealing than the introduced rabbits. Not surprising, the results are in — the foxes have wreaked havoc on the native wildlife. “At least 54 species of vertebrates have gone extinct in Australia since European settlement…Predation by the red fox has been proposed as an important mechanism which has contributed to these declines” * (and don’t get me started on what damage the rabbits have caused).

As a species, we do not have a very good track record when thinking through the implications of our actions. Maybe we’re just not as smart as we think…

for additional information see:


arrogant bird

I am the center-point
The hub
All revolves around me

What I refuse to see
Does not exist
For I see no other world but mine

I look with a jaundiced eye
At those who are unlike me
Those that sound different, look different

They are less that irrelevant
For they are wrong
Thus, my world discounts them

In my conceit, I know no one can stop me
For I am the center of the universe
The foundation of my own reality