I remember
When shimmering fields beckoned
And tempting grasses, soft as down
Danced with dandelions
To tunes woven by sunshine

I remember
When tall trees whispered
Speaking of secret hollows, that fascinated
Home to industrious critters
And mosses dripping with fragrance

I remember
When soul aching need overcame practicality
And I twirled in those grassy ballrooms
And climbed those ragged trees
Gloriously drowning in the scents of summer

I remember…

Why Not

all ahead full

Does the question “why”
Imply discontentment?
For, to ask “why”
Opens the door
To an alternate path…
…one with possibly more satisfaction.

 Maybe, “why” is merely the human expression
Of possibilities not yet explored?

But, “why not” is a very different entity
For “why not” is a green light
Stating the road is clear
No obstructions, no delays
It’s “All ahead full, Captain!”

…I prefer “why not”…

Today’s Friend


Together, there is that ease of company
That casual glance
That speaks of understanding
Without the need for explanation
Of shared, hidden laughs
Of acceptance without worry
Knowing, but uncaring, of the warts

Will all that disappear
As I say ‘goodbye’
And turn the page
Where today’s friend
Becomes relegated to yesterday’s news
Of interest
But no longer critical
And that piece of ‘me’
I see reflected in her eyes
Grows dull with distance and time

It’s the potential for ‘forever’
That causes the ache
The hollowness that burns
That chokes the hours preceding
That haunts the evenings after
The possibility that what is today
Will never be again

When I say “goodbye”
Do I lose a piece of ‘me’?



Callused fingers
Explore, test, commit
Clutching at the grainy bark
Thrusting toes find purchase in the crust
Muscles straining
Lift, contort, flex
Pushing upward into the verdant canopy

Each thrust awarding surprising new vistas
Previously hidden and smudged behind undergrowth
Gloriously unbound

Dusty bits of crumbling life
Inadvertently raining down
Bearing witness to the undertaking
Adding to the clutter of that which is earthbound
Evidence of effort
And a shifted paradigm
To those clever enough to glance up
Though few are


sisters sittimg

They walk hand-in-hand

One, jauntily, with a light innocence to her step
As if the world held no possibility of pain
And each day was destined to contain
Both a dance and a song

The other steps regally
Each stride a confident sweep
Allowing for no obstacles or delays
Knowing the world would most certainly comply

They approach together
Holding similar, long-fingered hands
That swing slightly between them with each step
Two so different, yet the same

For they are sisters

Throughout their lives
Their relationship will dance
Each accommodating individual loves and losses
But always, the bond will remain
Of shared memories
Shared values

Whether miles apart or hand-in-hand
Their two lives will stay inexorably linked

Though they see the world through different lenses
They can face it together
For they are sisters